Building Your Own Custom Mini Bike from Pocket Bike Parts

Mini bikes are miniature versions of motorbikes. These are a special kind of power toy similar to specialized, non-utility motor vehicles like chopper mini bikes and go-carts.

Mini Pocket Bike Parts

Today mini bikes are not rough and ready home made machines, as they were when they were first made popular by the dirt racers. Mini pocket bikes are much more specialized, and there are many specializations available. In keeping with mini bikes enthusiast’s needs and requirements, thousands of shops selling mini bike parts have opened up worldwide which most of them are often accessible online.

Mini bike parts include engine parts, frame parts and performance parts.

Mini Bike Engines and Mini Bikes Frames

The mini bike engines are somewhat similar in power (though often different as far as built is concerned) to the engines of the lawn mowing machines. Like lawn mowers, mini bike engines are often four strokes. However, this does not mean that mini sport bikes can be built using a lawn mower engine. This is because the engine shaft in lawn mowers is aligned in a different direction.

However, there are numerous improved and specialized engines available in the market today. Double stroke or two-stroke engines are also available, and the strength of the engines is usually about 49cc, but you can still found some 110cc engines on super pocket rockets.

The mini bike frame includes the outer shell of the mini bike, the seats and other visible accessories. The mini bike frame is important because it holds the whole mini bike together, supports the rider’s weight and most importantly defines and determines what the mini bike will look like. The mini bike’s look or rather, style statement will depend upon the kind of frame one chooses for it.

Performance Mini Bike Parts and Accessories

These are the parts of a custom mini bike that will boost and enhance its performance. Performance mini bike parts like air filter, foot pegs, adjustable brake lever, rear sprocket with sixty six tooth, adjustable steering dampener, soft racing tires, air filter, carburetor with fuel adjustments, etc.

Apart from the essential mini bike parts mentioned before, there are a number of accessories available in the market now to enhance and enrich the user’s mini bike experience. These can include a small built in LCD screen projecting the speed of the bike or mini speakers which play music matching the rider’s moods. There are also other kinds of comfort enhancing mini bike accessories available—like the seat springs and even the seats themselves.

Building Mini Bikes from Mini Bike Kits

Many super mini bike or super pocket bike enthusiasts prefer building or assembling their mini bikes or mini chopper bikes on their own. Many of these are built and assembled from mini bike kits that are sold online. These mini bike kits comprise all the mini bike parts—the mini bike engine, frame parts and other necessary performance improving parts that are necessary to completely assemble a custom mini bike. Various users’ manuals and guides are available which help the assembler. There are also many forums where the mini and pocket bike enthusiasts swap necessary information

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