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Electric Mini Bikes

Characteristic of Electric Mini Pocket Bikes

Mini pocket bikes or mini bikes (also known as mini sport bikes and mini pocket rockets) are miniaturized versions of motor bikes, about one fourth the sizes of standard motor bikes. Electric mini bikes, as the name suggests are powered by a battery, rather than by the combustion of fuel (gas like petrol or diesel) in an engine.

The battery output of most of the electric mini pocket bikes depend on the weight of the user. These electric mini motorbikes usually support weights of up to 200 to 250 pounds on an average. Also, on an average, the batteries run for about 25 miles per every charge of the battery.

As these pocket rocket mini bikes run on electricity, therefore they cause less pollution as they emit less poisonous fumes. Using electric mini bikes as opposed to gas mini bikes is a more environment friendly choice. Electric mini bikes are also more cost effective than gas mini bikes as one cuts down on the price of the fuel – gasoline. The battery of the electric pocket bike can be easily and quite cheaply recharged. Electric mini bikes are not more expensive to buy than gas mini bikes. Pocket bikes are available at prices starting from about $150. Used mini bikes are available at much cheaper rates.

Differences Between Gas Powered Mini Bikes and Electric Mini Pocket Bikes

Electric mini bikes, unlike gas powered mini bikes, are slightly slower in speed and their top speed is significantly lower than gas powered mini bikes. Whereas gas powered mini bikes can reach speeds in excess of 40 miles per hour, most electric mini bikes are able to reach speeds of about 20 miles per hour. The acceleration is quite fast though. It takes less than five seconds usually to go from 0 to 20 miles per hour.

Electric mini bikes are much safer than gas mini bikes because of the reduced speed. Due to the miniature size of pocket bikes, it’s safer if one rides them at less dangerous speeds. As a result of being slower than gas mini bikes, many beginners starting with mini pocket bikes start with electric mini bikes rather than gas mini bikes. Many experienced mini sport bike riders prefer electric pocket mini bikes though, as these quieter and the engine noise is cut down a lot in electric mini bikes.

Though gas powered mini bikes are much faster than electric mini bikes, electric mini bikes can be used for racing – the original purpose of these mini pocket rocket bikes. An electric mini bike can be raced against another electric mini bike and one can still enjoy the same thrills.

Electric mini bikes are a good alternative to gas mini bikes. More environment friendly, safer and cheaper – these are some of the advantages of electric pocket bikes over gas pocket bikes.

Choosing and Buying Electric Mini Bikes

Rupp mini bikes and Fox are two famous electric mini bike manufacturers. The Pukka GX400C electric mini bike released in 2002 is considered one of the best electric mini bikes around. It is powered by two 12-volt lead-acid batteries. It now has a throttle assembly, an internal circuit board (or PWM controller) and a kickstand. Read more about Best Single Speed Road Bike site

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